Graduation Requirements

After a student completes 525 hours, services, exams and fulfills all financial obligations to the school, a certificate will be awarded.

Completion Time

Completion time depends on the schedule the student chooses and attends regularly. Based on a 20 hours per week schedule, the normal time frame of completion would be 5 months or 20 weeks.

Hours Breakdown Level One 

Total hours: 140 Hours (Online Only)
When student has completed Level 1 requirements, they must pass an evaluation with a score of 75% or higher to proceed to Level 2

Personal Hygiene, Ethics and Customer Care : 10 Theory/Clock hours

Sanitation and Sterilization: 50 Theory/Clock Hours

Physiology and Anatomy of the hands, arm and legs: 5 Theory/Clock Hours

Skin Structure, Nail Structure and Growth: 10 Theory/Clock Hours

Chemistry: 10 Theory/Clock Hours

Implements usage, Procedures and Safety: 5 Theory/Clock Hours

Salon Business and Operations: 5 Theory/Clock Hours 

Client Care and consultation: 5 Theory/Clock Hours

Business development, Marketing, Advertising and Retailing Career Planning, Resume Writing: 30 Theory/Clock Hours

Hours Breakdown Level Two 

Total Hours = 385 Hours (In-Person)
When student has completed Level 2 requirements, they must pass an evaluation with a score of 75% or higher to graduate.

Basic of Manicure, Spa Manicures : 100 Clock hours

Basic Pedicure and Deluxe Pedicure: 75 Clock Hours 

Nail Sculpting: 115 Clock Hours

Nail Tips and Wraps: 100 Clock Hours 

Nail Art Techniques & Airbrush Nail Art: 30 Clock Hours

Advanced Techniques: 20 Clock Hours