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Mary Negron School of Nails

MNN® Nail Art Brushes

MNN® Nail Art Brushes

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Brush Style

3D/Oval Filbert Brush

Great for creating texture!
Our 3D brush is used for sculpting, but it can also use for painting in fill-in color due to its small head. The Oval Filbert brush is perfect for marble ink, or any strokes that require a round shape.

Flat/Ombre Brush

Perfect for Blending!

Our Ombre brush is used for ombre, as well as picking up paint for marble techniques. The Flat brush is used for one stroke techniques. 

10/20mm Brush

Specializes in line work!

The 20mm brush works great when used to drag straight & thin lines with extreme stability. The 10mm liner brush is used to gain more control and movement. Use to create Wavy Lines & Straight Lines!


Line work made easy with the brush! 

Perfect for the beginner artist who is looking for the perfect length brush; Not to long, not too short.. JUST RIGHT!!

5/7mm Brush

Great for detail work!

Our 5mm brush is used for the tiniest of strokes, while our 7mm brush is used for extreme control & extreme curved lines!


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